Complex problems call for unique solutions

Our first priority is providing the unique solutions your company needs.  Our diverse experiences and interests reflect our goal to break the mold.  We thrive on data and analytics challenges that call for creativity and forward-thinking. 



Your window into the specialized talent pool of life science and pharma researchers, the lifeblood of cutting-edge innovation and development across academia and industry.

The ultimate data-driven solution for recruiting, contracting, or collaborating with recent research experts to fill the gaps in your organization and processes.



Understand the universe of VC’s and PE funds, and find the contacts you need for your own fundraising and business needs.

Data about the largest funds and the individuals who run them, updated daily to make sure you’re finding out what you need



Gain access to rich portraits of 16,000 global companies and 110,000 executives who comprise them, updated daily.

Ranging from contact information, to industry sector, to stock compensation and university affiliation, MarketSight provides you with data about the most influential businesses and executives out there.



A dynamic data acquisition and management platform that maximizes your workflow’s efficiency and productivity.

Built to encompass every step of the process--from schematizing and ontology building, all the way to maintenance, quality assurance, and report generation.

Tesseract’s configurability adapts to your business focus and your company’s strategies. so you can create a data universe that can scale and respond to the needs of your market.